Revenge of Acharis

Little Metroidvania made for the Metroidvania-month-6 Jam

Music and Sfx by Sound a Head:

Graphics by Ansimuz

Inspired by games like CastleVania, Ghost'n'Goblins and many others...


My name is Acharis.My parents were murdered by a demon when i was young.

Since then, i have been training all my life in combat.

Now It's time to take revenge!!

Controls: Use the options page if needed

arrow keys

z: fire

x: jump

c: run

s: select weapon

p: pause

Feel free to add comments and rate the game plz

Good game :)

Updated 29 days ago
TagsMetroidvania, Pixel Art


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Pretty good game!

A couple of things that bother me (personally) are the jump (it don't feel so good to me) and, in my opinion, i can't tell in which elements of the scene i can stand and which are just background.

But it's pretty solid and consistent, good job!

This game is pretty good. I love the graphics and the sound, but that dragon is really hard to defeat xD.


Not so hard, you just need to run and jump and don't let him goes near you :)

Thanks for playing